Last summer Kathy from Oregon came home with her darling daughter, Shanita, from Uganda.  We’ve put in a few pictures here for all to enjoy.  First Shanita when we first met her and then pictures of Kathy and Shanita together.  Needless to say, Shanita knew from the instant Kathy walked into the orphanage that she was her mother and the two have been inseparable ever since.  It was one of those moments when Kathy realized that this was all meant to be.

Our second family, Erik and Jenny, came home recently with cousins Cissy and Hatweya.  These pictures are of the family in Uganda and we thank them for taking so many.  They were in Uganda for an extended time because the family started out adopting Cissy and then learned of her cousin, Hatweya.  Several weeks later they started his adoption.  And, we at JOH are very excited to learn that Erik and Jenny are going back again to adopt Hatweya’s sister, who they met and learned of her needs.  We applaud them for turning around and going back to Uganda for the sake of one more child.

For a time Cissy was concerned that she would not be adopted because she is an older girl.  We’re told her face lit up when she was told that Erik and Jenny were coming to adopt her and take her home.

Our latest arrivals home are Kim and Esther.  We hope to have more pictures coming to us soon.  Needless to say Esther is doing great and her mom and all the relatives are beaming with joy.