This e-mail just in from Chad Goller-Sojourner about his exciting new TransracialFamily Coaching.


After a year of planning and six months of hard work, Transracial Family Coaching is finally up and running. Like my forthcoming book From Lutefisk and Lefse to Cornbread and Collards: Narratives, Essays, and Interactive Exercises in Transracial Adoption Transracial Family Coaching is born out of a heartfelt desire to assist prospective and adoptive parents in identifying, understanding, and overcoming the inherent challenges and obstacles that come with creating and growing healthy and happy transracial families.


I have long thought that when it comes to talking and teaching about racialidentity formation, development and maturation, the transracial adoptee is in a powerful and unique position, having lived on at least two sides of the many-sided racial divide and thus able to describe its contours more accurately than most anyone.


To have the opportunity to do this type of work as a career is beyond exciting. I am humbled and overjoyed that my work continues to resonate with such diverse audiences, particularly transracial families. I hold fast to the belief that younger transracial adoptees as well as generations to come, will, like me, come to know, that even the most conflicting of experiences can be reclaimed, transformed, and accepted for what they are: the building blocks of our unique transracialidentities.


And so I invite prospective and adoptive parents to take a moment and review our comprehensive website. And look forward to partnering with you and your child as you embark, or continue on, your journey towards creating and growing, a healthy and happy transracial family. For others, I ask that you share this website with people, institutions, and organizations that might find it of interest.



Welcome to Transracial Family Coaching’s Inaugural YouTube Channel Post. Today I am going share some thoughts on school choice particularly the concept of “BEST SCHOOL” and its implications to the transracial adoptee.



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Chad Goller-Sojourner,

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