When creating an adoption plan you have the choice of choosing your child’s family. You have the opportunity to meet the family and get to know one another. This is the beginning to an ever evolving story of Evelynn’s adoption and the relationship that the Birth Parents, adoptive parents, and Journeys of the Heart formed throughout her Birth Mother’s pregnancy and after she was born. Stay tuned for more of this families journey through adoption.

What better way to get to know one another than to come together and paint ceramics for baby Evelynn’s nursery. This was a special day of sharing stories and life experiences. Evelynn’s Birth Parents met the Adoptive Parents, Scott and Elizabeth, at a local park for their first meeting. Everyone was nervous of course! The family brought sandwiches and the weather was perfect. Each couple were able to ask questions and get to know each other.

Meeting and establishing a relationship with the adoptive family you choose for your child is important. It helps reassure your decision to choose that family and lays the foundation for a trusting relationship.

In the pictures above, Evelynn’s Birth Mother, Adoptive Mother, and myself took the day to go to the ceramic studio to create our own special gifts for baby Evelynn. The items that they painted will be kept in her nursery and the story of that day will be a memory for everyone!

Thanks for letting Journeys share this experience with you!