Getting to Know Each Other – Part Two

Getting to Know Each Other – Part Two

“I do not feel as if I am loosing something. If anything, I am gaining more family”. Words from one of Journeys Birthmothers who shared this with her daughters’ adoptive mother as they were being taken in for an emergency C-section. Evelynn was born September 30, 2015. Evelynn’s brave Birthparents made an adoption plan through Journeys Domestic Program and have an amazing open adoption relationship with their daughters’ Adoptive parents.


After a full day of labor and waiting for Evelynn to arrive, her Birthparents and the Adoptive parents formed an even stronger bond while they patiently awaited the arrival of their beautiful daughter. This was not a time to dwell on the wondering factor of who was going to be raising this child, but more importantly to focus on the support and relationship that was unfolding during this time. Evelynn Aster, was the name that both the Birthparents and the Adoptive parents created during their stay at the hospital.

Throughout the adoption process, it was interesting to see the Birthparents and Adoptive family get to know each other through visits and direct contact. Evelynn’s Birthmother showed so much strength as she faced ups and downs while pregnant with Evelynn. We cannot begin to express how proud we are of her! Both of Evelynn’s Birthparents have an open adoption relationship with Evelynn’s Adoptive parents and keep in touch with the family after placement through phone calls, visits, emails, and direct messaging. Our team at Journeys cannot wait to see the bond between these families grow!

It was more than an honor to have been a part of this beautiful journey with each of these parents.  

Chelsea Moore