Part 1 
The beginning

In order to understand all of this…we have to take it back to the beginning.

It started around May of 2014, I was sitting in 6th period, staring at the clock, wanting the class to end. I was finishing up my freshman year in high school. I had barely a month left. I was daydreaming and staring at the clock when I noticed the date my science teacher had written on right hand corner of the board. That date that is blurry in my mind even to this day will be the day that everything changed.

I was in my high school, in the bathroom stall, in the locker room. I was reading the directions on the box while my best friend sat outside the stall waiting for me. I guess the reason I was reading the directions even though I knew how to pee on a stick was because I was scared of what it was going to say after I took it. I guess I was stalling.

Millions of thoughts were running through my head like how this isn’t the first time I have had a scare. Him and I were careful but we had our slip ups. It had been 10 months since we started sleeping together and even though it wasn’t the first time I had had a scare…something about this time just felt different.

“You okay?” my best friend had knocked on the stall. I didn’t realize that I was taking so long but 3 minutes is a long time. You don’t realize how long 3 minutes is until you are sitting there waiting for some lines to show up on a stick. I’ll never forget walking out of the stall and just freezing. My best friend just looked at me and asked me what it said. I can’t remember exactly what I said to her or even if I said anything to her. I do remember handing her this stick with the results on it.

Two very distinct lines that read:

Finding Out You’re Pregnant As A Teen

Millions of things were rushing through my mind when I saw those two lines on the pregnancy test. Millions of things run through your mind no matter how old you are but as a teen, the things running through your mind are a little different. I can’t speak for everyone but for the most part you’re shocked, you’re scared, you can’t believe this is happening because you never really thought it would.

The first thing I knew I had to do was tell the father. Of course that’s hard to think about because you never know how a teenage boy is going to react. Would he make a scene? Would he tell you to get an abortion? Would he laugh at you and accuse you of sleeping around? These questions run through your mind and at the same time other things are as well.

Another thing was how you are going to tell your parents. Would they throw you out? Would they tell you that you were done with school and you could kiss your dreams goodbye? Would they make you keep your baby even if you didn’t want?…

What about school? What were people going to say? What were they going to think? It’s not easy when you’ve been the student that a lot of teachers respected…I felt like I let everyone down. I had dreams and I wasn’t supposed to let this happen but I always knew what I wanted to do when I found out I was pregnant.

Millions of things are always running through your mind when you’re a teen and you find out you’re pregnant but out of the million things I was thinking about when I saw those two lines on that stick that would determine everything for me…I knew I couldn’t keep this baby.


June 2, 2016

Let’s clear the air. There are reasons why people make the choices they do. Some choose them on a whim, other people think hard and carefully about the decisions they are going to make but nobody is perfect…to anyone that thinks they are I suggest you stop reading this because this isn’t some happily ever after story and at just 17 years old I’ve learned that real life is never that way and it will never be that way.

Adoption is hard for some people to understand. If you are a mother then you know it is hard to imagine handing over your child to a complete stranger, leaving everything up to faith. People think that it’s crazy and when you think about it, it kind of is. Half your DNA runs through this little person, you carry this person for 9 months, you feel it kick, you see its tiny fingers on the sonograms, you go through painful labor to give birth to this wonderful, little baby, only to hand that baby over and go home like you never went through any of that. It changes a person…how can that not?

Let’s get one thing straight though…adoption is not a bad thing. At my age, a lot of people doubted my ability to know what I could possibly want or to know that I was making the right decision. They could never understand that my decision wasn’t because I wasn’t ready to have a baby. Yes, I was only 15 when I found out I was pregnant (we’ll get more into that) but that wasn’t what scared me…it was how that child was going to grow up is what scared me.

I didn’t want to go through a lot of that because I wasn’t simply “not ready to have a baby”. I wasn’t being selfish. I didn’t care if my future was ruined or that everything I was “suppose” to experience as a teenager would be over. It was because I wanted better for my baby. I wanted more. If that meant that I couldn’t be there to stay up all night with him, be with him when he took his first steps, or missed out on his birthdays then I would. I would sacrifice my reputation and the very chance that he could end up hating me for the decision I made as long as he got the life I couldn’t have possibly given him. He deserves everything and that was something I didn’t have at the time and still don’t.