Journeys adoption fees are among the most competitive you will find. We make every effort to keep our fees as low as we can so that more children can find loving, permanent homes. However, adoption remains a considerable expense for many families. Why does it cost so much?

Adoption is a very labor-intensive endeavor, and Journeys maintains a staff of professionals to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible for each family and child. In addition to maintaining our staff and offices, Journeys must pay fees to foreign governments, orphanages and facilitators to maintain our programs. 

In the case of domestic adoptions, JOH works with many birth parents that do not complete adoptions.  Medical costs and living expenses are paid by JOH.  In addition these birth parents often receive some level of emotional support and time from our staff.  JOH charges a flat fee in this program to recoup losses incurred from the birth parents that select other options.

Foreign countries also set fees that individual adopting families are required to pay. Journeys has no control over these costs. Some of these international fees go to support orphanages and other social programs, and the government agencies that process and regulate adoptions in those countries. In addition, state and federal governments here in America charge for services related to adoption, such as fingerprinting, notarized records, criminal background checks, immigration clearance, etc. If you add an international trip to your adoption, sometimes lasting two-to-four-weeks, the costs do accumulate.

Each program is different, and fees vary with time and changing conditions. Please contact Journeys at: 
for current fee information for each adoption program. 

Fee refund policy:

Adoption application fees and other fees are non-refundable

Your fees are for services from Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services, as specified on our web pages. Fee refund policy: Fees and other adoption costs paid with credit or debit cards, once completed, are non-refundable. During the adoption process clients sign a contract that stipulates the Journeys of the Heart refund policy. For more information about paying online please email or call our home office (503) 681-3075

Service Fee policy:

Payments made online, in excess of $300, will include a convenience fee of 3 per cent, effective April 9, 2013. Exempt from the fee will be any charitable donations, of any amount. When receiving a link to pay online, the convenience fee will be part of the total amount billed.

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