Thank you for your interest in Domestic Adoption with Journeys of the Heart. At this time the Domestic Program has a hold on accepting new prospective Adoptive Parent(s) into the program due the number of families who are currently in our waiting pool. Journeys of the Heart encourages you to contact our office in November of 2018 to inquiry about a spot in our program. We wish you the very best on your journey.

Domestic Program


This program is a great choice for Pacific Northwest families since most of the expectant parents live in Oregon and Washington and prefer to choose adopting parents who live here as well.  Adopting parents should be open to all races and be flexible in the possible varying scenarios that they will be except.  Open adoption with visits is the norm for almost all Journeys’ adoptions so it’s important that the adopting parents embrace the concept and be willing to be involved, to varying degrees, with the birth family.




Birthmothers often choose youthful, active families




Wait Time

75% of families complete an adoption within one year


Often birthparents choose a couple who have an active, youthful lifestyle and have 0-2 other children in the home.

Domestic Adoption - Journeys of the Heart

The domestic adoption program has been placing infants and toddlers since1993 and is a highly successful program. Over the years it has grown to a program that places approximately 18-20 infants a year. The program remains open to new adopting families all year.


This program is set up to provide for minimal financial risk to the adopting parents. Journeys pays for the birth mother’s expenses during her pregnancy and if she decides not to place Journeys’ absorbs those costs.

Almost all our adoptions are open ones with at least one-three visits a year.  For that reason it is important that all the adopting families embrace open adoption. We suggest reading “Making Room In Our Hearts,” by Micky Duxbury who takes the fear and mystery out of open adoption. We firmly believe after raising adopted children to adulthood that knowing the birth parents helps the child emotionally.

JOH staff strives to develop a close, trusting relationship with the expecting parents in the program and meet as many of their pregnancy related needs as is possible. The agency can assist with rent, food, maternity clothes, medical bills and any other pregnancy-related necessities. A drug and HIV screen is completed during the pregnancy if at all possible. Counseling to discuss options, the grief process, and other issues that may be pertinent to the birth parent’s specific situation is available to all and is encouraged before and after the birth.

Parents who enroll in the program will fill out the application and additional paperwork allowing JOH staff to assess whether the program will meet their needs. After an in-person or over-the-phone interview, the family will be notified about their status in the program. There are no guarantees that a family will be chosen by expecting parents, and no time frames can be predicted.

JOH staff gathers information about the medical and mental health history of the expecting mother’s family. The accuracy of this information will vary depending upon the expecting mother’s knowledge of her family. There may be no information available about the father.

Families will need to send JOH their approved home study or have one completed by JOH-Oregon or JOH-Washington if the family resides in these states. Families also need to complete a portfolio that will be shown to expecting mothers considering families. JOH has good instructions for putting together a successful portfolio and will review the draft copy.  Suggestions may be made and changes should be made. Ten copies of the portfolio (five for each office) are necessary because they are not always received back from expecting parents. Families may be asked to replenish the supply, as necessary. Expecting mothers almost always choose the adopting family and start a relationship with them during the pregnancy.

Photo listings and Family Letters are posted to the website where expecting parents can view and get to know the adopting parents better.  This is a powerful family-building tool.

Open Adoption


JOH believes that open adoption is the healthiest arrangement for the child.  This belief comes from many sources including pleased children, families and birth parents who are actively involved in open adoptions and knowing the grief of many children who will never know their birth parents.  It is encouraged with all expecting parents.  Therefore, it is necessary that all adoptive parents who apply to the program feel comfortable with and are willing to be in an open adoption.   JOH staff educates expecting parents that all adopting parents enrolled in the domestic program desire and are willing to be in a meaningful,  lifelong relationship with them, all for the good of the child.[br]

JOH staff is pleased to talk with adopting parent(s) about open adoption and we recommend reading “Making Room In Our Hearts,” by Micky Duxbury for more information on this arrangement.[br]

Open adoption helps the child in these ways:

  • Know they are loved by their birth parent
  • Reduce the feelings of loss, abandonment, rejection, shame
  • Gives access to birth family information (family stories, medical information, cultural knowledge)
  • Encourages connections that are lost in a traditional adoption (siblings, extended family)

Open adoption does include visits with the child and the birth parents and should not be viewed as something the adopting parents have to do in order to be in the program. Instead it should be seen as a positive arrangement put in place to benefit the child and one that the adopting parents look forward to being involved in.[br]

Adoption agreements between birth parents and the adopting parents are legally binding in many states and must be adhered to by the adopting family. It is anticipated that this program will place babies, toddlers and older children who may be Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian or full or part African-American. JOH is looking for families who can help the child achieve and maintain an ethnic identity if adopting across racial lines. A special service for families in the Domestic Program are the photo/letter listings on our website where expectant parents can view and get to know the families better. We have found this to be a powerful family building tool. You can find an example by clicking. [br]

Photo listings and Family Letters are posted to our multiple websites, where Birth Parents from all the across the United States can view and get to know you better, any time night or day. A professionally administered marketing campaign assures that families appear to Birth Parents via all the major search engines and social networking sites. We find this to be a powerful family-building tool.

Whats Next?

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