10 Steps to Domestic Adoption

Fill out Journey of the Heart’s application form, domestic adoption questionnaire, and type of child desired form. Send these to Journeys’ home office in Oregon with the required application fee.

Application and Materials

If you live in Oregon or Washington you should begin the home study process with JOH. Ask for the contract for the home study, send it in signed and with the appropriate fees. If you live in another state, contact a local home study agency and start this process. JOH can often help with suggestions or licensed agencies in your state.

For more information feel free to e-mail us at info@journeysoftheheart.net

If you live in Oregon, JOH staff will call you regarding a time for your personal interview. If you live in any other state, JOH staff will call you regarding a time for your phone interview. This is your chance to ask all the questions you may have regarding this program. It is also a time for JOH staff to tell you some more of the details- About the adoption process. It is after this interview that you will receive a letter advising if you have been admitted into the program.

For more information email info@journeysoftheheart.net

Submit your home study to JOH. Begin working on your portfolio that JOH staff will show to birth mothers. JOH can send you ideas on how to do a good job of this album. Only send us one copy so we can make suggestions on how to improve your portfolio.


View portfolios of families waiting to adopt

Make ten copies of the portfolio once JOH staff has made their suggestions.

Receive a call from JOH staff that you have been chosen by a birth mother.

Make arrangements through JOH staff to meet with her.

Meet with the birth mother and JOH staff. This is the time to let her get to know you. Another meeting will probably take place to discuss and agree upon the adoption agreement.

Birth of the child. Come to the hospital ready to be flexible and knowing that the birth mother still has the right to change her mind.

Bring the child home from the hospital. Arrange for post placement visit with the social worker from JOH or home study agency. Make arrangements for finalization with an adoption attorney.

Have Questions?

Have additional questions about adopting internationally? Follow the link below to connect with us now.