Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services  (JOH)  is passionate about adoption – we truly believe that adoption is a win-win situation for the child and the adopting parents and playing a role in it is a tremendous joy.

Journeys is a non-profit, licensed and accredited agency based in Hillsboro, Oregon, that completes domestic and international adoptions.  Journeys also has offices in Seattle, Washington. We are a mid-sized agency that places approximately 120 to 170 children per year. We have international programs in a variety of countries in addition to a very active domestic program.

Susan Tompkins, Journeys’ executive director, is a licensed clinical social worker with more than 30 years of adoption experience. David Slansky, Journeys’ director of international programs, is an attorney with more than 30 years of experience in child welfare issues and domestic and international adoption.

Three of David and Susan’s four children came through international adoption, from India, Romania and China. “We have been so profoundly touched by adoption, personally and professionally, that we only wish others to share in this joy. We can only describe it as life’s greatest adventure – a journey of the heart,” says Susan.  Journeys has relatively flexible guidelines for adoption. We will work with single and married people who are deeply committed to being loving parents and can provide a safe, permanent and loving home.

We strive to keep our fees as competitive and affordable as possible, while providing highly professional adoption services. The staff at Journeys is understanding and compassionate, and will guide you through every step of your adoption process. We return phone calls, know our clients by name, and understand that adoption can, at times, be emotionally-trying. We don’t sugarcoat adoption — We will discuss any issues of each population of children we work with so that you can make well-informed decisions.

We’d love to hear from you if adoption is in your heart and your future.

Journeys of the Heart - Children in Mali

Our Mission

Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services is to provide, through adoption, loving and permanent homes to the children of the world who are in need. Journeys uses the best available social work practices and support in assisting families through the life long journey of adoption, and helps improve the lives of children left behind through relief programs.

2015 Annual Report

The year in review, learn about what we have been up to and see some of the highlights from 2015.

Licensing & Accredidation

We are Hague accredited through February 28, 2018.



In July of 2003, Journeys became fully accredited as an international and domestic adoption agency through the Council on Accreditation. All U.S. international adoption agencies are now required to be accredited due to the passage of the Hague Convention on International Adoption and Journeys received the “The Hague” accreditation in 2008-present.The Hague attempts to standardize international adoptions and ensure ethical and standardized practice throughout the United States and other countries which have signed the treaty. Accreditation is the process by which agencies study, improve and ultimately are judged to be up to the professional standards of the adoption community in the areas of ethical practice, finances, board of directors, international and domestic adoption, foster care, physical environment, personnel, continuous quality improvement, risk management and training.