Planning an Adoption

Loving Options For You And Your Baby


  • You will be giving your baby a gift – the gift of Life which is the greatest gift one can give. You are the only personĀ  who can do this. [br] [br]
  • If you wish, you will be able to stay in touch with your child and the adoptive parents which will reassure you that your child is happy and well cared for. If you choose to have contact with your child, the visits with the child and the adopting parents will allow for a continuous relationship where your child is assured of your love. [br] [br]
  • You will be giving your child great opportunities (such as financial stability, a two-parent family, a college education) that you may be unable to provide. [br] [br]
  • You will be giving yourself the opportunity to realize your full self potential. You will be able to continue on with your life and work on your dreams. [br] [br]
  • You help fulfill the dreams of a couple that is unable to conceive a child. You will give them the gift of their lifetime, the chance to adopt a baby.


Loving Options For You and Your Baby

  • Review the type of adoption arrangement you want for your baby. This ranges from very open, where you may have visits, to closed, where there is no contact. There are many possibilities in between. YOU DECIDE what fits your situation. We are there to help you every step of the way. [br] [br]
  • Give you a selection of families to choose from so you can make the right choice for you and your baby. Have you wondered if there is an adoptive family for your baby? Our families have all exceeded our standards in terms of having the financial, emotional and physical ability to do an excellent job of raising your child. If you have chosen an open adoption, you’ll probably want to start developing a relationship with the adopting parents as soon as you identify them. [br] [br]
  • If you have financial needs, we’ll give you financial assistance for living and medical expenses relating to your pregnancy as the laws allow. We don’t want you to worry about paying for things you need during this time. [br] [br]
  • Assign you a kind and understanding staff adoption counselor. She is the person who makes sure you’ll have what you need and will be with you from the beginning of your process until after the adoption. [br] [br]
  • Help you to anticipate and deal with the emotions you may feel before and after the birth of your child.[br] [br]
  • Provide counseling – you decide if you want or need it. We will provide it prior to the birth and after.

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