Dave and Sue

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Hello! We are Dave and Sue

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you a little bit about ourselves. We hope that that the following pages paint the full picture of the type of family we are and how your child will fit right in. 


About Sue
  • I enjoy writing – stories, poems, songs. I love stringing words together in a way that conveys emotion and a creates lyrical sound.
  • I love to travel. I have been to almost all of the states in the US (still need to get to North Dakota someday) and I have visited over 15 countries (a list not as long as I would like it to be). My favorite part of about traveling is immersing myself in the culture, hearing the language or dialects, eating the local food and the generally marveling at the all amazing diversity this world as to offer. 
  • I am competitive. I love to play sports and games of all kinds.
  • I love animals, nature and the outdoors. I feel most at home when I am in the woods or on a mountain listening to a river flow by or a bird’s call. One of my favorite past times is walking barefoot on moss.
About Dave
  • I love camping and outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, riding bikes, outdoor cooking and all the other hallmarks of outdoor life. We hope to have a cabin in the mountains eventually.  
  • I love teaching, literacy and the written word. I read to Misha almost every day, that time is very special to us, and we talk about language, stories and writing as part of our daily routine. Working with young people is what drew me to teaching history and language arts and it is so special to finally have a child of my own to teach. 
  • I like to exercise and stay in shape but I am not really much of a gym guy. Lately, Misha has begun copying my routines of pushups, squats and other household exercises.
  • I love gatherings with friends and family. Be it an important holiday like Hannukah or Christmas or just a late summer barbecue with friends, I love to gather with loved ones, spend the evening joking and telling stories, and all the while cooking them something good to eat.
  • We are a big dog family. I love taking them on dog walks and park visits, but enjoy taking them along on fishing and camping trips the most.


Dear Birthmother,

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you a little bit about ourselves. We hope that that the following pages paint the full picture of the type of family we are and how your child will fit right in. 

We realize you are facing a difficult decision. Looking at all these families and wondering which one is the right one might be overwhelming. We want to convey one thing that we feel is so important for you during this process: love yourself. Love yourself because you are making a courageous choice to consider an adoption plan for your child. Love yourself because you are giving a gift of love, one that will bring unspeakable joy to a young family. Love yourself because you deserve it.

If you do choose us, we love your child, unconditionally. He or she will have our support throughout life and will have the love andsupport of our family and friends. We will make sure she/he has an active life filled with happiness, laughter, exploration, education, opportunity and unwavering love.

A little bit about us… 

Dave is a dedicated teacher. He spends countless hours working with anxious, depressed and defiant students to help them find their strength, overcome their adversity and guide them towards success.  Dave loves the outdoors – fishing, camping, chopping wood. He also is known for is barbeque. He enjoys serving up home cooked meals to family and friends, especially when it is cooked over a fire. He likes to read, a lot, and recalls pretty much everything he can read. Because of his sharp memory, he is a great source of knowledge. He can tell you pretty much anything that happened in history, which makes him a great teacher.

Susan manages technology projects for a living and while she enjoys her job, she most passionate about her role as a mom.  She loves the outdoors and all things natural. Susie loves camping, dog walks, park visits, the beach and the mountains. It rains here sometimes, but she is good at finding rainy day activities like climbing gyms, indoor playgrounds, the library and frenzied hallway swordfights at home.  

Though we are both originally from Boston and had some mutual friends, we really met each other in Portland, Oregon. David had been there 2 years when a mutual friend gave Susie his number because she was moving there. Eventually, they met for dinner and had an instant connection. We were able to really talk with each other, so we met up the next day, and the next, and the next and within a few weeks we were a couple. We married in 2008 on a farm at the base of Mount Hood in Oregon. We had a great feast and a bluegrass band played. There were wild flowers in bloom and horses roaming the pasture. It is one of our fondest memories.

And then along came Misha… Misha is 5 years old, an energetic little soul and so much fun to be around. She started walking when she was seven and a half months old and kept right on moving! She loves playing and pretty much all things active – climbing, swinging, singing, swimming, running and dancing. She loves to laugh andmake people laugh. She is also sweet and kind-hearted. She has been asking for a baby brother or sister for two years now and wants a sibling to love more than anything else. Almost every day she asks, “how many more days until the baby comes?” She is going to be a great older sister that will protect and care for her sibling.

We always knew we wanted two children so they would have a buddy – someone to rely on, share experiences with, and confide in as they go through life. We had difficult time conceiving before we were blessed with Misha. A short time after her birth, we started trying to get pregnant again so she would have a sibling; but after years of trying, several failed IVF procedures, and miscarriages, we knew that this painful path was no longer the right one for us. We knew adoption was how we would complete our family.  

If after reading this, you are curious for some further details about anything at all, please know we will be happy to answer any questions.

Please know if you choose us, we promise to always hold your child and think of you with respect, love and admiration. Our hearts will be forever with you in gratitude for you sharing yours with us.



Susie, Dave and Misha

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