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Hello! We are Derek and Amber

You are courageous and loving to consider what kind of opportunities and future you would like your child to have. We can’t imagine a decision more important or challenging then choosing the right parents to raise a child. Trust your instincts–you’ll make the right choice.


Facts About Derek
  • Won a car on a game show (with Amber)
  • Is 25% Alaskan Indian (grandfather was a tribal Chief)
  • Has traveled to 11 countries
  • Ate a scorpion from a street vendor in Beijing
  • Ran to Hood to Coast without training
  • Loves funky hats, sunglasses & dance moves
  • Owns several types of musical instruments
  • Is naturally athletic, creative & musical
  • Has a big heart & youthful spirit
  • Loves cooking for friends & family
Facts About Amber
  • Started college at age 15 & graduated with a 4.0 GPA
  • Has over 30 cousins
  • Traveled to 9 countries
  • Has baked & decorated 3 wedding cakes
  • Is an extreme deal finder
  • Loves projects & has a dedicated craft room
  • Is an expert board game strategist
  • Bought & lives in her childhood house (with Derek)
  • Loves planning and hosting parties & events
  • Has known she wanted to adopt since the 4th grade



You are courageous and loving to consider what kind of opportunities and future you would like your child to have. We can’t imagine a decision more important or challenging then choosing the right parents to raise a child. Trust your instincts–you’ll make the right choice.

We are so honored that you would consider us. Our goal for this profile is to paint an accurate snapshot of who we really are and what life would be like for a child in our family. To learn more about us please ask for a free copy of our profile book.

We pray daily for our future child, and for the mother who will carry and nurture that child for nine months, who will labor for that child, who will out of love choose to endure the grief of separation for the benefit of that child. We’re incredibly thankful and grateful beyond words and promise to always strive for the same spirit of sacrificial love first displayed to the child by that precious woman.  

We would love the opportunity to meet you and talk about your hopes and dreams for the future. We are open to any level of communication and openness that you are comfortable with.

About Us:

We met in college and were best friends before starting to date.  Because our relationship has always been built on a firm foundation of friendship, we have have a strength unusual among marriages. Years later we’re still best friends, who just happen to also be madly in love. We genuinely like to do everything together from the adventurous to the mundane. We tell each other everything, and never hold secrets (only occasional surprises!).

We work hard and play harder! We love to travel, cook, host events and have all kinds of adventures together.  Derek is creative, athletic and musical. He has a youthful and laid back spirit, and loves to be around people.  Amber is super smart & organized. She is the planner of the family, and enjoys hosting showers & parties.

We are both Christians and love to be involved at our church. Derek leads the church music, Amber volunteers in the nursery, and we both serve in the children’s program.

We Love Kids:

Everyone around us knows that we both have a special heart for children. In addition to leading the kids program at church for many years, we have often borrowed children from our friends and family for events in our home & community. We’ve taken children to a local play, held Easter egg hunts in our home, hosted Dolly-&-Me tea parties, kids movie nights & gingerbread house competitions. We have even taken children to a weekend family camp that their parents couldn’t attend.

We’re often invited to children’s music recitals, sports games & birthday parties, not just because we are friends with the parents, but because we have built genuine relationships with the children, and they want us there.  Knowing how rewarding it has been to invest in the lives of kids in our community, we look forward to pouring our love and lives into our future child.

Our Journey to Adoption & Our Future:

A few years back we learned that we were medically unable to conceive and would not ever be able to have biological children. We were quite devastated with that news at the time, but also hopeful since we have always considered adoption to be a beautiful way to build a family.

We hope to adopt multiple times so that our children will have sibling(s).

We are so thankful to have had a good education and jobs which have allowed us to pay off all of our debt (except for our mortgage). We even have a college fund started for our future child.

We are blessed to be in a position where we can provide full-time at home parenting for a child, without needing daycare.

Our Hopes for our Future Child

Through good and bad, happy and sad, we promise to love unconditionally.

Love abounds in our home, and our child will be treasured. Our child will be read and sung to and will hear “I love you” every day. We can’t wait for the blanket forts, birthday parties, trips to the beach, movie nights, silly dance competitions, craft projects and other adventures. Most of all we can’t wait to accept a child into our hearts and home to make him/her part of our family forever.

Investing in education and life skills is important to us; we will want our child to flourish in whatever his/her natural skills are. Writing, music, athletics, science, teaching, technology, art, building,  working with hands–whatever our child’s aptitude is, well endeavor to find it and help our child realize his/her full potential in life.

If you like to learn more about us, please ask Journeys Adoption Agency for a free copy of our adoption portfolio book! We would also be happy to meet you to answer any additional questions.

We wish you & your child all the best!


Derek and Amber


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