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Hello! We are Preston and Kim

We are Preston and Kim, and we want to thank you for looking at our portfolio.  We know that this is a difficult decision, and we admire your courage and strength as you make an adoption plan for your child.  We are forever grateful and appreciate you.  Without you, we would never have the family that we always wanted.


About Preston
  • My favorite vacation spot in Hawaii, because I enjoy any water activity.  It’s the only place I have been to that is as green as Oregon.[br] [br]
  • I love Italian food.  There are so many great flavors to experience.[br] [br]
  • Halloween is such a fun holiday because it brings the kid out in everyone.  It is also my birthday.[br] [br]
  • Animals have always been a large part of my life.  Growing up, we had many dogs, cats, and even a goat.  Our dog now is the cutest dog in the world.[br] [br]
  • My favorite season is summer.  I like being outdoors and enjoy hiking, rafting and camping.  I also love BBQ’s with friends and family.[br] [br]
  • My wife, Kim, is my inspiration.  She is always so upbeat and positive and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything.[br] [br]
  • I am so fortunate to be close to my parents.  My dad and I attend all the home games for the Ducks.[br] [br]
  • My first camping trip with Kim was so cold and rainy, and it did not turn out as planned.  It actually was better as I learned so much about her and how she deals positively with adversity and change.[br] [br]
  • Being a parent has been the best experience in my life.  I cannot wait to expand our family through adoption again.[br] [br]
  • I have golfed since I was 12, and I enjoy playing on a regular basis with my dad and step-mom.[br] [br]
About Kim
  • I am a dog lover.  I grew up having many pets, and right now I have a very cute, friendly cocker spaniel that loves to play.[br] [br]
  • I think laughing is one of the best things in life.  I think people should laugh as much as they can.[br] [br]
  • I love the holidays.  I love all of the decorating and music.  I love that it brings family and friends together.[br] [br]
  • Family is the most important thing in my life.  My mother is my best friend.  We go to Pennsylvania twice a year to visit Kim’s family, and we use Skype in between so we can all see each other often.  We are so lucky to have Preston’s family in town.  We see all of them as much as we can.[br] [br]
  • I grew up in Pennsylvania, but I got to travel nationwide with my job before settling down in Eugene, OR.[br] [br]
  • I took tap, jazz, and ballet lessons from the time I was 4 until the time I graduated high school.[br] [br]
  • I love being a stay at home mom.  There is nothing better than spending all day with my family.[br] [br]
  • I love to travel and have been to many different kinds of vacation spots.  We are looking forward to our family vacation this year in Myrtle Beach, SC.[br] [br]
  • Two of the happiest moments in my life were marrying Preston and the birth of our son, Liam.[br] [br]
  • I enjoy pretty much anything outside.  That includes hiking, running, biking, going on a picnic, walking, playing at the park, having a BBQ, etc.  We have a very active lifestyle.[br] [br]


Dear Expectant Parent,[br] [br]

We are Preston and Kim, and we want to thank you for looking at our portfolio.  We know that this is a difficult decision, and we admire your courage and strength as you make an adoption plan for your child.  We are forever grateful and appreciate you.  Without you, we would never have the family that we always wanted.

We live in Eugene, Oregon and absolutely love it here.  We are lucky to own a beautiful, large 4 bedroom home in a friendly and safe neighborhood.  It is a family oriented neighborhood with a park a block away equipped with a playground that many children love to play in.  We have a lot of friends nearby with kids to play with.

When we first met, we knew there was a special connection between us.  It didn’t take long to see that we had an everlasting bond.  We discovered that we are alike in many ways, sharing traits such as honesty, kindness, respect, strength and independence.  We have a lot of unconditional love in our lives and are looking forward to sharing it with your child.

We adopted our son in early 2012 and our daughter in mid 2015 with the help of Journey’s of the Heart.  They are both very sweet, bright and loving.  They are both so excited for a new sibling.  We absolutely love being parents and really appreciate all the joy of being parents has brought us.  We are so excited to expand our family through adoption again and share all of the unconditional love our family has.

Together, we maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.  Throughout the year, we enjoy hiking the various trails from the coast to the Cascades.  We love going to parks, lakes, walks on trails, camping, parades, and the many events that Eugene has.  We stay busy, always spending the weekend as a family doing fun things.  We go to gymnastics and trampoline parks, museums, the zoo, plays, mini golf, indoor and outdoor swimming, biking and the many fun festivals and events that Eugene has.  We also like to spend time with friends and family, having them over for dinner, playdates and game nights.   We love the holidays.  We like to decorate and celebrate big.  Traveling is something we enjoy and want to share with your child.  We have been to almost all of the states along with Mexico, Bahamas, Belize, Jamaica and many other vacation spots.  We are excited to take the kids to Disneyland in October.  Animals have always been a big part of our lives.  We have a playful soft coat wheaten terrier who is very friendly and loves to cuddle.  He is gentle and loves playing with kids.


Preston grew up just outside of Eugene.  He was very fortunate to have been able to graduate from high school with many of the same friends he had since preschool.  It is very important to him to provide this same kind of stable environment for your child.  After high school, he attended and graduated college with a bachleor’s degree in finance.  Preston is a supervisor for an insurance company and has been with them for the past twenty years.  He works from home which gives him the flexible schedule to spend time with the kids.


Kim grew up in Pennsylvania and received her degree from college in Radiological Sciences.  She was lucky to have a job that let her travel nationwide before settling down in Eugene.  She worked as an X-ray Technologist in the operating room at a Neurosurgery Center, but is a stay at home mother now.   She is so grateful that she gets to stay home to be with the kids.  This was extremely important to both of us.   We get to go to all of the school functions, volunteer at the schools and attend all of the kids recreational activities.  We are both positive people that love to laugh and have fun.

When we found out that we couldn’t have kids, it was an easy decision to adopt.  We have a large circle of friends and family, and some of them have been adopted.  We are lucky to have other adopted kids and parents in our life.  We feel their support and having the support of adoptive siblings is so important.  Our kids are very proud that they have been adopted.   We talk about the birthmothers and have adoption books to read them.  We are extremely excited to add to the wonderful, loving family that we already have.  Your child will have tons of love and attention.  It was important to both of us to have Kim stay at home with the kids.  Both of us were raised with our mothers at home and felt very fortunate to have that experience.  This way we know that they are in a safe, loving environment at all times.  We are so lucky to have family in town.  Our home will constantly be filled with family and friends to share the joy of your child.  We want your child to be exposed to a variety of activities, and we will support them in any of the hobbies that they enjoy.  We will do everything in our power to raise your child to his or her fullest potential. We value education, and we promise to instill the importance of respect  for self and for others. We promise to love your child unconditionally and have fun with them. We are a very active, young family and can’t wait to experience all life has to offer with your child.

We were raised to be open and honest with our feelings and emotions.  Our home is the type of environment where anything can be discussed with respect and compassion.  It is important to us that your child is raised in a similar manner.  We look forward to the type of adoption that you choose.   We will respect your wishes and provide you with the level of openness you find most accommodating. You may pick any name for your child.  We could put pictures of your child online for you all year around so that you can look anytime that you want to see all the fun that we have been up too.  Your child will always know the love that their birthparents have for them.


Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know more about us.  We hope that something about us touches your heart.  We wish you continued strength as you work to find the best home for your baby.


With love and gratitude,[br] [br]

Preston and Kim

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