Scott and Julia

Family Waiting to Adopt

Hello! We are Scott and Julia

Thank you for taking the time to review our portfolio and get to know us; we are honored that you would consider us in your search for an adoptive family. We are a down-to-earth, big-hearted couple with lots of love to give to a child. We wish you the best in making this important decision.


About Julia
  • She is an artist; her favorite medium is glass.
  • She is handy and is a clever problem solver.
  • She likes to listen to music and read books.
  • She is open-hearted and loves making people laugh.
  • She has a huge sweet tooth. Her favorite candies are jelly beans.
About Scott
  • He loves being outdoors and especially enjoys cycling, hiking, and camping.
  • He enjoys live music and has been known to travel to catch a show he really wants to see.
  • He is the official family photographer and his favorite subject is the landscape. He took most of the photos in this book.
  • He plays guitar a little and would like to learn more.
  • He likes to meet new people and makes friends easily.


Dear Expectant Parents,

Thank you for taking the time to review our portfolio. We think that the parent-child relationship is very special and want to be parents; we are infertile so adoption is our path to parenthood. We think that raising a child will be an incredible experience, to know a person from the very beginning and through different stages of growth and development. We are excited about the possibility of becoming parents and are honored that you would consider us in your search for an adoptive family.

Scott is a wonderful man and will make an excellent parent. He is very smart, hard-working, thoughtful and he gives good advice. He also has a cheerful sense of humor and a brilliant smile. Scott will be a devoted and loving parent. He is an excellent role model, he is kind and caring, he is patient and makes good, moral choices.

Julia’s compassionate and supportive nature is a gift to everyone who knows her. She is quick-witted, responsible, and is a dedicated friend and partner. Julia works hard and knows that it is important to make time for fun. She will be an attentive and committed parent, and our child will benefit throughout her/his life journey from Julia’s love and support.

We met and started dating in 2006; we have enjoyed building our relationship and experiencing life together. When we were married in 2012, we affirmed our commitment to our common values of family, friendships, and leading a balanced life. We have great respect for one another, have many common interests, and genuinely enjoy spending time together.

Our goal for parenthood is to nurture a child based on the child’s abilities and strengths, and to encourage the child to explore her/his own interests. We will provide a child with opportunities so that she/he can find her/his talents. We have a safe home where a child will be comfortable and where she/he can ask questions without criticism. We will be available to the child and will be advocates helping to guide her/him through life’s challenges. We value education, and providing guidance and financial support in our child’s education is important to us.

As adoptive parents, we feel that an open adoption is beneficial for you, us, and most importantly the child. We welcome you into our lives at a frequency that is comfortable for you. Regardless of the amount of ongoing contact you choose to have with us, we will always speak highly of you and honor your role in our family.

We recently moved to Seattle, Washington from Austin, Texas. Now, we live close to Julia’s family; we are happy that a child in our family will have the opportunity to become close to Julia’s family. We are having fun exploring the Seattle area and have found so many things to do here, such as hiking, camping, and taking in live music and movies. Scott is really glad that we moved near the mountains so he can go skiing in the winter, something that he couldn’t do in Texas.

We look for opportunities to travel; together we have traveled to México, China, and Peru. We also regularly visit New England, where Scott grew up. His parents, sister and brother-in-law, and their sons live near Boston. We enjoy our visits to New England and are glad to have such a strong relationship with Scott’s side of the family.

Professionally, Julia is a Graphic Designer for a legal technology association. Having always had an interest in art, Julia is glad to have a creative job. Scott is an environmental engineer. His work focuses on ecosystem restoration in the Seattle area, providing habitat for salmon. He believes in the importance of the work he does and is happy to be able to make a living doing it.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn about us. We wish you all the best as you make this important decision.


Julia and Scott

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